Brad Penn Racing Oil

MRX Motors is a distributor of all of Brad Penn lubricants.

We stock conventional oil in 5w30, 10w30, 10w40, and 15w40.

We stock Brad Penn Racing Oil in 30 weight Break In, 40 weight, 10w30, 10w40, 15w40 and 20w50.

Other weights of engine oils are also available, along with many other great lubricating products made by Brad Penn, just call us.

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Brad Penn Racing Oil Case Prices:

SAE 30 Break In       $80.00

SAE 0w30                   $80.00

SAE 5W30                   $72.00

SAE 10w30                 $72.00

SAE 10w40                 $72.00

SAE 15w40                 $72.00

SAE 20w50                 $72.00

SAE 40                         $72.00

SAE 50                         $72.00

“Nitro” 70                   $80.00


We ship nationwide.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Why We Use Brad Penn


I have found over  the years many engine component failures can be contributed to engine oils that just could not hold up under the extreme stresses of racing and spirited driving. 

Through many years of testing and experience I have sought out an engine oil that was tough enough for my engines.  I have found since using Brad Penn racing oil our high performance engines simply last longer.  We can hammer on them longer and harder without failures.

We chose products that compliment the quality of the work we do here.  We believe Brad Penn is just one of those products. 

When we open up an engine for inspection that ran Brad Penn Racing Oil we know what we are going to find, minimal wear under extreme use conditions.  Most times the bearings and pistons look brand new.

MRX Motors recommends Brad Penn Racing Oil in all of our stock and high performance remanufactured engines.

Brad Penn oil is 100% USA made and comes from 100% Pennsylvania crude oil, said to be the best stuff on Earth for engine lubrication.

Click here and find out more from an independent standpoint.  Here are some testimonials.

Some Neat Brad Penn History

This is like the "Green Oil" we all used to know as the Kendall GT-1 and Amalie Pro brands. Witco Chemical, the original refinery owners, sold the Kendall and Amalie naming rights years ago to Sunoco, who sold "Kendall" to Conoco/Phillips and "Amalie" to Barkett Oil Co, and those brand name oils are no longer Pennsylvania Crude based oils. 


Brad Penn, Penn Grade 1 oil, is made exclusively from 100% Pennsylvania Crude stocks. It's the only brand left still using these premium stocks. The crude oil is still obtained from within a 200 mi. radius of their refinery in Bradford, PA. Crude stocks from this geographic area offer the highest natural viscosity index of any crude oil. (90-95) A truly remarkable gift to us from nature. Penn Grade 1 is manufactured at the same refinery that used to make the Kendall/Amilie brands, the oldest continually working refinery in America. 


Unlike other current inferior "SL" rated performance oils, Penn Grade 1 still incorporates the same Lubrizol Inc. high zinc additive package (SE, engine severe) that we've always relied on for anti-scuff protection, as well as a modern synthetic PAO additive to reduce cold fluid friction. These are the additives that our racing engines need and the 80's and earlier muscle car engines required. A lot of thought & engineering has gone into the formulation of this oil. It's especially GREAT for flat tappet cams.

Brad Penn oil

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We now also stock Brad Penn 2 stroke oil.  Great for snowmobiles, motorcycles, and all other 2 stroke engines.  $55.00 per case of 12 quarts.

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